Configuring Playtech Designed Slot Games

casinocruise-logoYou will of course want to have an enjoyable time when you start playing slot games online, and one way which you are going to be able to do so is by being able to tailor your own unique Zuma slot playing session.

By opting to play at online casino sites that utilize the Playtech gaming platforms and their range of slot games you will have a plethora of different option settings available to you. With that in mind we shall now give you an overview of what those option settings will enable to you to do.

Screen Size – As you will be playing on your own personal computer or laptop you will obviously have a device offering its own unique screen size. You are going to be able to alter and adjust the size of the slot games screen to suit you device.

Whichever screen size setting you opt for you will be benefitting from enhanced graphics so you will always be able to see the slot clearly and enjoy all of the animations attached to each slot you play.

Sound Settings – Another way of enhancing your playing pleasure when you choose to play any Playtech designed slot game is to make sure that you always have the audio settings turned on.

You will be able to adjust and alter the sound options via the setting button so do enjoy you do have the audio settings switched on as many Playtech slots boast sampled sound effects which bring their slot games to live and make them very enjoyable slots to play.

Speed Play – You will also be able to speed up or even slow down the way in which the reels will spin and then stop when playing Playtech slot games online. So if you want to play as many spins as you can but in a short space of time then do make use of the speed play option settings.

Auto Play – You are not even going to have to sit there clicking on the spin button to send any Playtech designed slot into live play, for all of their online slots now have an auto play option attached to them.

Simply click on the auto play button when you have launched any of their many slots and then if you want to sit back and watch the slots play themselves simply select how many auto play spins you want to play off and the stakes then send them into live play and sit back and watch!

Open Several Slots – One final way that you can play Playtech slot games is by opening up and then playing several of them all at the same time.

By choosing to play multiple slots in different windows you will also be able to additionally set those slots to play via the auto play, so you can position the slot game windows on your screen and see each auto spin playing off but without any input from you once you have configured the auto play setting.

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